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Say goodbye to the days of painful razor burns and stubble and hello to smooth skin that lasts. Wax Zone Sugaring & waxbar is your go-to destination for a waxing services in Vaughan. Our dedicated team of expert wax aestheticians specializes in providing the most efficient and comfortable waxing experience possible with top-of-the-line products. Using specialized premium waxing formulas, we make sure your skin is left soft and free of irritation.

Whether you are targeting a larger area or more intimate parts of your body, our professionals strive to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. From the moment you book an appointment to the moment you walk out of our doors; we ensure that your experience is nothing short of amazing. Come join us on the great waxing revolution and say goodbye to those pesky unwanted hairs for good.

Affordable Male & Female Waxing in Vaughan to Leave You Smooth & Smiling

Why settle for anything less than the highest quality waxing services? At our Vaughan Waxing Zone, all men and women waxing customers give us positive reviews because they love our thorough and gentle waxing services.

You may wonder why clients choose us for Waxing Services. The answer is simple: We offer clients the most suite of waxing treatments with multiple discounts with our Memberships. Waxing in Canada is quite expensive, but if you live in Vaughan or neighbouring areas of Etobicoke, Brampton or North York; become a member of our waxing membership club, you can get amazing discounts and special offers.

From Fuzzy to Fabulous: Reap the Benefits of Best Waxing Services in Vaughan

The following are the perks you can grab with our professional waxing solutions to be hair free.

Convenient Appointments

We understand how busy life can get, so we offer convenient appointments day in and day out. Whether you need a quick Brazilian waxing or a complete body waxing hair removal, we are here to help. You can choose the day, time, and appointment length that best suits you.

Professional and Experienced Wax Artists

Our highly experienced wax specialists will help you feel confident and beautiful again by treating your skin with the utmost care. All have been trained and certified in skin care, waxing, and sugar waxing hair removal techniques. So you can come with ease that we remove your unwanted hair with precision and efficiency.

Keep Your Skin Smooth For Weeks

Our wax formula is designed to ensure you stay smooth for weeks or even a month. We proudly use premium products and techniques specifically tailored to suit your needs, providing the most comfortable and effective waxing experience. Even for the most sensitive areas like a Brazilian or Bikini Line, you can expect a painless and complete hair removal until next visit.

Decrease Your Sensitivity and Confidence

Waxing is an art, and it's our job to make sure that you feel beautiful from head to toe. We offer waxing services in a comfortable and safe environment at Wax Zone Sugaring & Waxbar. We guarantee you will leave with smooth skin, decreased sensitivity, and confidence. Even better, the texture of the hair grows softer and finer over time.

Prevent STDs

It's essential to wax regularly as it is one of the best ways to prevent STDs because it clears the area of old hair, dead skin, and bacteria. Waxing removes all the unwanted hair from your legs and body, leaving you with smooth, clear skin free of irritating bumps and razor burns. You can also ensure that you stay healthy by consistently waxing in our professional and hygienic environment.

Personalized Waxing Services

Whether you are looking for male waxing in Vaughan or female waxing in Vaughan, Wax Zone offers personalized sugaring and waxing hair removal services according to your preference. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to waxing or sugar waxing, and we understand that to provide the best waxing results.

How Do We Perform the "Wax On, Wax Off" Magic?

Step#1: Prep It Up

Before any Body waxing service, we always cleanse your skin using a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities. We then pat dry your skin using a clean and soft towel to ensure that the area is completely dry before beginning. We also buff or brush the area to help open up the pores to ensure the wax can easily adhere to hair follicles.

Step#2: Apply The Premium Wax

Once your skin is properly cleansed and dry, we melt the hard bean-based wax to apply it smoothly and evenly. We use a wooden spatula to apply the wax in one direction, following the direction of your hair growth. We then quickly and gently remove the wax in the opposite direction, painlessly removing all unwanted hair.

Step#3: After-Care Service

After completing the hair removal process, we apply a soothing aloe vera juice, and tea tree lotion to help soothe your skin and prevent irritation. Our after-care service depends on the skin type and sensitivity of the individual. We also suggest refraining from direct sunlight exposure, swimming, or sauna for 48 hours to prevent skin irritation.

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Stop Browsing Waxing Service Near Me in Vaughan & Hit the Bullseye with Us!

Stop wasting your time and energy searching for waxing near me in Woodbridge as we have covered your needs with our professional waxing treatments. After all, you just hit the door of Wax Zone salon, where the smoothness never ends. For those facing ingrown hair, excessive hair growth, and skin irritation, our best waxing service Vaughan is your one-stop solution to all these problems. So don’t waste a minute more; book an appointment with us and get ready to be wowed!

Women Body Waxing

Brazilian (Includes between the cheeks) $52 $42 Book Now
High Bikini $35 $30 Book Now
High Bikini + Between the cheeks $39 $34 Book Now
Bikini Line $27 $22 Book Now
Bikini Line + Between Cheeks $33 $29 Book Now
Underarms $16 $13 Book Now
Full Legs (Includes Toes) $55 $46 Book Now
Half Legs (Upper/Lower) (Includes Toes) $39 $33 Book Now
Full Arms (Includes Fingers) $39 $33 Book Now
Half Arms (Includes Fingers) $25 $21 Book Now
Full Stomach $27 $23 Book Now
Stomach Patch $7 $5 Book Now
Chest $28 $24 Book Now
Half Back (Lower Back) $25 $20 Book Now
Full Back $36 $31 Book Now
Bum cheeks $22 $17 Book Now
Inner Thighs $20 $17 Book Now
Full Body (Neck Down Everything) $250 $209 Book Now
Post Brazilian Masque $15 $15 Book Now
Post Face Wax Masque $15 $15 Book Now

Face Waxing

Full Face (Excludes Eyebrows) $42 $36 Book Now
Eyebrows $18 $15 Book Now
Upper Lips $13 $11 Book Now
Chin $13 $11 Book Now
Side Burns $13 $11 Book Now
Cheeks $13 $11 Book Now
Nose (Inside and Outside) $13 $11 Book Now
Neck (Front or back) $15 $13 Book Now
Trimming $10 $10 Book Now

Combo Packages

Brazilian + Underarms $68 $55 Book Now
Brazilian + Full legs $107 $88 Book Now
Full legs + Full Arms $94 $79 Book Now
Full Arms + Underarms $55 $46 Book Now


Eyebrow $16 $12 Book Now
Upper Lip $13 $11 Book Now
Chin $13 $11 Book Now
Full Face (No Eyebrows) $42 $36 Book Now
Side Burns $14 $12 Book Now

Men Body Waxing

Manzilian (Includes between the cheeks) $75 $62 Book Now
Speedo Manzilian (Includes between the cheeks) $60 $50 Book Now
Underarms $22 $17 Book Now
Full Legs (Includes Toes) $70 $60 Book Now
Half Legs (Upper/Lower) (Includes Toes) $43 $37 Book Now
Full Arms (Includes Fingers) $55 $45 Book Now
Half Arms (Includes Fingers) $30 $24 Book Now
Shoulders $28 $22 Book Now
Chest (Includes Stomach) $48 $38 Book Now
Full Back $48 $38 Book Now
Buttocks $28 $24 Book Now
Between the cheeks $20 $15 Book Now
Full Body (Includes everything neck down) $320 $275 Book Now

Face Waxing

Eyebrows (Excludes Eyebrows) $18 $10 Book Now
Nose (Inside and Outside) $17 $14 Book Now
Neck (Front or Back) $25 $22 Book Now
Ears $15 $10 Book Now
Face Cheeks $18 $15 Book Now

Combo Packages

Manzilian + Full Butoocks $103 $86 Book Now
Manzilian + Full Legs $145 $122 Book Now
Chest and Back $96 $76 Book Now
Full legs + Full Arms $125 $105 Book Now


Eyebrows $18 $14 Book Now
Beard Line $20 $15 Book Now

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