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Sugaring Hair Removal – It’s As Sweet As It Sounds

As the name implies, sugar is the main ingredient in this hair removal method; the rest of the composition is simply water and lemon juice. This Sugaring Hair Removal technique has grown substantially over the last decade, as it accommodates individuals with highly sensitive skin compositions and those that are currently living with skin allergies and chronic skin conditions.

Starting with clean and dry skin, the sugaring mixture is applied to the area where you want the hair removed. We use traditional sugaring technique originated centuries ago in Egypt. We use our hands to apply for this method. If you hair is finer, a strip method to effective results and least discomfort. Depending on the thickness of your hair, sugaring will last you around 4 to 5 weeks. With regular appointments, the process becomes easier as sugaring will help your hair grow back slower and finer over time. Our Salon is located in Vaughan, ON.

Our Affordable Memberships Allow You To Get Regular Hair-removal Service As You Will Experience:

Whether you are new to sugaring and have heard all the amazing benefits of this method, or if you’re a devoted sugaring fan, our trained staff will help you achieve that smooth skin you’re looking for!
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Sugaring Service Vaughan

Sugaring is the latest trend to hit the beauty industry and for good reason. If you want the best sugaring service Vaughan, stop searching for sugar waxing near me and visit Wax Zone Sugaring & WaxBar. This ancient Egyptian practice of the unwanted hair removal process has been around since the time of Cleopatra. Still, it’s been gaining popularity as a safe and natural alternative to other methods like laser hair removal or waxing.

Our sugaring hair removal method includes all-natural ingredients such as, lemon juice, water and sugar, which are safe, effective, less painful, and better for all skin types than other traditional methods to remove hair. So, grab your appointment now and get ready to flaunt a smooth, hair-free body.

Get Our Sweetest Deals on the Men & Women's Sugaring Services Vaughan

Achieve smoother, softer, and hair-free skin from our Wax Zone Sugaring salon. Our professional team of expert sugaring aestheticians provides high-quality and hygienic male and female sugar wax hair removal services in Woodbridge, Vaughan. The best part prices are tailored to your needs.

If you are a Wax Zone sugaring and waxbar member, you can get amazing discounts, lower prices, and combo packs with the purchase of our membership plans. So, stop searching for Brazilian sugaring near me as we are specialized in providing Manzilian and Brazilian sugaring, Bikini, Body, Facial Hair Removal, and more. So, we can be your one-stop shop for all your hair removal needs.


Incredible Benefits of Our Body Sugar Waxing Service To Rejuvenate Your Skin

We heard your pleas for an amazing sugaring experience, and Wax Zone is here to answer! Forget shaving, waxing, or any other hair removal method, and treat yourself to sugaring in Vaughan. Let’s enjoy the given perks with us:
Healthier Alternative

You may wonder why sugaring is worth trying when other options exist. Sugaring is a better alternative to waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal as it works with lukewarm temperature, eliminating skin irritation risk. It's also a healthier option as it exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and soft.

Reduce Ingrown Hairs

Are you facing inflammation or pain due to ingrown hair? Sugaring is a great way to get rid of unwanted body hair and reduce the appearance of ingrown hair. Whether you choose full, Brazilian, bikini, facial sugaring, or body sugaring Vaughan it guarantees long-lasting results and leads to hair removal permanency.

No Stickiness Post Sugaring Service

While sugar paste is removed at room temperature, which doesn't cause any sticky residue. This ensures that the skin cells remain intact and hair follicles are not damaged.

Biodegradable, Environment-Friendly

Sugaring is eco-friendly because it doesn't involve waxing strips or other disposable items. The natural sugar paste is biodegradable and easy to clean. The product also doesn't include any artificial fragrances or chemical preservatives, which makes it safe for the environment.

How Wax Zone Sugaring & WaxBar Stands Out of the Crowd?

We understand that when it comes to body hair removal, you have many options available. That’s why we specialize in sugaring & waxing services at Wax Zone. We are dedicated to providing the best experience and the best results ever for our clients, which makes us stand out from the rest of the industry.

Professional Sugaring Specialists

It is easy to judge the quality of waxing services by looking at the results. However, there is much more to it. All our sugaring specialists are highly trained at a professional level, and they have years of experience in sensitive areas of the industry.

Convenient Appointments & Location

An easy online booking system makes it convenient for our clients to schedule an appointment at Wax Zone Sugaring Salon in Vaughan, ON. We offer flexible hours & appointment times, so you can book the next appointment when it suits you without wasting your time browsing sugar waxing near me.

Customized & Personalized Solution

Our sugaring experts analyze your skin type and condition to determine and customize the most suitable sugaring treatment plan. We offer various men and women body sugaring in Vaughan from legs, arms, full body, or facial areas to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Ensure Safety & Hygiene

Sugar waxing is a safe, sanitary, gentle and efficient way of removing body hair that ensures cleanliness. Our team of sugaring experts fosters a relaxed and hygienic environment that ensures no cross-contamination occurs. We use latex-free gloves and sugar paste that is lemon, sugar, and water.

Affordable Hair Removal Treatment

Our professional body sugaring treatment in Vaughan, is not only effective but also economical for both men and women. We are dedicated to offering a pampered service at very affordable prices, so you can feel comfortable and don’t have to compromise on beauty and quality. Plus, members get exclusive discounts and amazing deals.

How Do We Perform Sugaring Treatment to Revel in Smooth Skin?

We understand that everyone’s skin is unique and requires special attention. So we are committed to providing one of the best sugaring treatments in Vaughan. For this, we follow a simple but effective procedure given below:

First, we cleanse the skin thoroughly and prepare it for safe hair removal treatment.

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Applying The Sugar Paste

Our sugaring experts apply a thin layer of the sugar paste on your skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The sugaring paste sticks only to body hair and is used at room temperature. Then we pull the paste off in the same direction to remove unwanted body hair and growth. We repeat this process until all unwanted body hair is removed.

Finishing the Treatment

Once we finish the sugaring hair removal process, our experts apply a soothing cream like aloe vera or any other moisturizer to help soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. Moreover, we recommend using sunscreen before you go out as your skin will be sensitive and vulnerable to sun rays.

Stop Browsing Sugaring Services Near Me

Are you tired of searching for the best sugaring services near me? Then, stop browsing and come to the Wax Zone. We are the one-stop shop for all your body hair removal needs from head to toe. You can expect superior quality service from us, and we promise to give you smooth skin without any hassle. With organic ingredients, we offer a pleasant experience and make sure that your skin is not damaged. Contact us now to book your first appointment and achieve your skin care with the desired results.

Women Body Sugaring

Brazilian (Includes between the cheeks) $57 $42 Book Now
High Bikini $40 $34 Book Now
High Bikini + Between the cheeks $45 $38 Book Now
Bikini Line $28 $24 Book Now
Bikini Line + Between Cheeks $35 $29 Book Now
Underarms $18 $15 Book Now
Full Legs (Includes Toes) $65 $54 Book Now
Half Legs (Upper/Lower) (Includes Toes) $39 $33 Book Now
Full Arms (Includes Fingers) $45 $38 Book Now
Half Arms (Includes Fingers) $28 $24 Book Now
Full Stomach $30 $25 Book Now
Stomach Patch $7 $5 Book Now
Chest $28 $24 Book Now
Half Back (Lower Back) $25 $21 Book Now
Full Back $39 $33 Book Now
Bum cheeks $22 $18 Book Now
Inner Thighs $20 $17 Book Now
Full Body $280 $238 Book Now

Face Sugaring

Full Face (Excludes Eyebrows) $45 $38 Book Now
Upper Lips $14 $12 Book Now
Chin $14 $12 Book Now
Side Burns $14 $12 Book Now
Cheeks $14 $12 Book Now
Neck $18 $15 Book Now

Combo Packages

Brazilian + Underarms $75 $57 Book Now
Brazilian + Full legs $122 $96 Book Now
Full legs + Full Arms $110 $92 Book Now
Full Arms + Underarms $63 $54 Book Now


Eyebrow $16 $13 Book Now
Upper Lip $13 $11 Book Now
Chin $13 $11 Book Now
Full Face (No Eyebrows) $42 $36 Book Now
Side Burns $14 $12 Book Now

Men Body Sugaring

Manzilian $85 $68 Book Now
Speedo Manzilian $72 $60 Book Now
Underarms $25 $20 Book Now
Full Legs (Includes Toes) $80 $67 Book Now
Half Legs (Upper/Lower) (Includes Toes) $48 $38 Book Now
Full Arms (Includes Fingers) $55 $47 Book Now
Half Arms (Includes Fingers) $30 $25 Book Now
Shoulders $28 $22 Book Now
Chest (Includes Stomach) $55 $47 Book Now
Full Back $55 $47 Book Now
Buttocks $35 $32 Book Now
Between the cheeks $22 $17 Book Now
Full Body (Includes everything Neck down) $358 $315 Book Now

Combo Packages

Manzilian + Full Butoocks $113 $92 Book Now
Manzilian + Full Legs $165 $135 Book Now
Chest and Back $110 $94 Book Now
Full legs + Full Arms $135 $115 Book Now


Eyebrows $18 $14 Book Now
Beard Line $20 $15 Book Now

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