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We’ve all been there – buying the wax strips at the store, going home and trying to whip out the hair as good as a salon. Unless you have been professionally trained in safe hair removal, we suggest you leave it to the professionals to keep your skin smooth.

At our friendly wax bar in Vaughan, our team is highly trained in giving you the best experience when you walk in and out of our doors. A professional wax translated to you having full access to experienced estheticians who understand your skin type, and the differences between hard and soft wax, and are trained in the techniques that won’t hurt your skin. Waxing is a delicate thing to master, and we suggest you leave it to the professionals!

Get access to the best products for your skin

DIY waxing might sound like a speedy way to remove those pesky body hairs, but it can leave your complexion bumpy and red. When you book your appointment with our wax bar, we will only use professional-grade waxing pre- and post- hair removal-products that will leave your skin completely glowing. Store-bought brands tend to have a lower concentration of wax designed for mass production, whereas our aesthetic clinic only uses superior products each and every time. Choose a professional appointment with us will guarantee:

  • Perfectly balanced products that can address your skin’s direct needs
  • A more concentrated base, meaning that we will use less wax to get you better results
  • An enhanced complexion where the hair was removed, and lower chances of ingrown hairs
  • A higher volume of active ingredients will help your freshly-waxed skin thrive and not get irritated

Results will last you longer at a wax bar

If you’re debating whether to wax yourself or go to a salon, consider that not all wax is made the same. Would you rather eat a croissant that you have made at home or have a warm one that came straight from a French patisserie? The differences are substantial. The same goes for the composition of your skin, no matter if waxing or sugaring are your preferred methods of hair-removal.

Generally, store-brand wax kits come with generic wax that is made to fit only one type of skin. Because everyone has different hair types and areas that need to be waxed, professional wax bars offer a variety of waxes (hard and soft), and you will be able to notice a smooth complexion for about 5 weeks. With generic wax kits, those results are typically limited to about a week, and even then, some areas might be missed in the process.

Along with using superior products for your hair-removal appointment, we are also trained in highly precise techniques that can provide you with the quickest and safest services. You don’t have to worry about getting wax burns and cuts because our team has attained all their certifications and knows exactly how to handle your complexion. That we can guarantee!

Visit our affordable wax bar today – memberships are available!

Glowing skin. A smooth complexion. Hair that doesn’t grow back for a month. It’s all possible with a professional waxing appointment with one of our reliable staff. Skip the DIY waxing and opt for the best results when you book our hair-removal services. We use the best products on the market to ensure that you will walk out of our wax bar feeling fresh and amazing, no matter the season!

Have you booked your appointment yet? We would love to meet you and make you feel amazing!

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